Greatest Hits, by Nicolas Pereda (2012)

Gabino, a travelling salesman, still lives with his mother and sells a single Greatest Hits CD on the street. In the shower, in the kitchen, in the bed, he tries to memorize the title of all the songs in order to sell them better. One day, after fifteen years of absence, his father Emilio comes back home before vanishing again. Gabino tries to find him…

« After making several films with the same actors playing similar roles I decided to make a film about the process of representation. This opened a world of new possibilities including rehearsals, repetitions and interactions between fictional characters and the actors playing those characters. I continued this search by replacing one of the actors with my uncle half way into the shooting. My uncle enters the film as a documentary subject who has to relate to fictional characters that act as if he was one of them. » – Nicolás PEREDA


  • 65º Festival del Film Locarno – Concorso Internazionale (Switserland) 2012
  • Vancouver International Film Festival – Cinema of Our Time (Canada) 2012
  • Festival do Rio – Première Latina (2012) Brazil
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia – Gala (Chile) 2012
  • 3rd La Roche-Sur-Yon International Film Festival (France) 2012 – Compétition Internationale – Grand Prize of Ciné+ Jury and La Roche-Sur-Yon International Film Festival (France) 2013
  • 6ª Mostra CineBH. Mostra de Cinema de Belo Horizonte – Retrospectiva Nicolás Pereda (Italy) 2012
  • AFI FEST – World Cinema U.S. Premiere (USA) 2012
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia – Proyección Especial (Mexico) 2012
  • L’alternativa Barcelona – Seccions Oficials Llargmetratges (Spain) 2012
  • TIFF Cinematheque. Toronto – Retrospective « Where Are the Films of Nicolas Pereda? » (Canada) 2012
  • 54 Muestra Internacional de la Cineteca (México) nov 2012
  • Baja Film Festival en los Cabos – Best Mexican Film Award (Mexico) 2012
  • 34 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de la Habana -FIPRESCI Award (Cuba) 2012
  • CPH:PIX (Denmark) 2013
  • Cine las Americas International Film Festival – Competencia oficial (USA) 2013
  • IndieLisboa – Lisbon International Independent Film Festival (Portugal) 2013
  • Lakino :: Latin American Film Festival Berlin (Germany) – Best director





  • Original title Los Mejores Temas
  • Running time 103 min
  • Year of production 2012
  • Production countries Mexico, Canada, The Netherlands
  • Writer and director Nicolàs Pereda
  • Cast Gabino Rodríguez, Teresa Sánchez, José ‘Rolo’ Rodríguez, Luis Rodríguez, Francisco Barreiro, Luisa Pardo, Carmen Elena Villacorta
  • Music ‘Variaciones Goldberg’ by Johann Sebastian Bach, ‘¿Dónde está ese amor?’ by Carlos Mata
  • Cinematography Alejandro Coronado, Pedro Gómez Millán
  • Assistant of Cinematography Pancho Ortega
  • Sound José Miguel Enríquez
  • Editing Nicolàs Pereda
  • Production Interior 13 ciné & IMCINE
  • Produced by Sandra Gómez, Maximiliano Cruz
  • Coproduction Huber Bals Funds, Fonca Canada Concil for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council
  • International sales Capricci Films
  • Available territories all except South and Central America, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Portugal
  • Original Language Spanish
  • Available subtitles English and French
  • Screening formats DCP, Blu ray
  • Image 1,35:1
  • Sound 5.1