Eat your Bones, by Jean-Charles Hue (2014)

18-year-old Jason Dorkel belongs to a community of travelers. He is preparing for his baptism when Fred, his half-brother, returns after several years in prison. Along with their impulsive and violent brother, Mikael, the three Dorkels go on trip into the « gadjos » looking for copper. Eat Your Bones is a coming-of-age road movie in which an adolescent has to choose between his gangster heritage and his religious beliefs. It was premiered at Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight.

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Jean-Charles Hue is a French filmmaker born in 1968. Since 2003, he has been shooting the adventure of the Dorkel’s, a Yeniche family living in the North of France and belonging to the travelling community. In 2009, he directs his first long feature, Carne Viva, in which he explores Tijuana’s urban mythology. In 2010, his first fiction, The Lord’s Ride, between polar and gypsy western. Eat your bones is his last feature. He is currently working on his next long feature: After blood of the Beasts.



  • Director: Jean-Charles Hue
  • Script: Jean-Charles Hue
  • Scenario: Jean-Charles Hue & Salvatore Lista
  • Cast: Jason François (Jason Dorkel), Michael Dauber (Mickaël Dorkel), Frédéric Dorkel (Fred Dorkel), Moïse Dorkel (Moïse Dorkel), Philippe Martin (Tintin)
  • Production: Capricci Production
  • Production director: Louise Hentgen
  • Production assistant: Bruno Duron
  • Director assistant: Adrien Pescayre
  • Image: Jonathan Ricquebourg
  • Sound: Antoine Bailly
  • Editing: Isabelle Proust
  • Music: Vincent-Marie Bouvot
  • Settings: Christophe Simonnet
  • With the participation of CNC, CINE+, ARTE / COFINOVA 10 et Fonds Images de la Diversité
  • With the support of Ciclic – Région Centre, Région Basse-Normandie – Maison de l’Image Basse-Normandie et de la Procirep
  • Duration: 98 minutes
  • Soung : 5.1
  • Format: 1.85