What’s your job, daddy?, by HPG (2014)

As he prepares to start shooting his new feature film, pornstar HPG witnesses his son’s first steps. His girlfriend, Gwen, sees it as an opportunity to put him against the wall: either he continues his life alone as a porn actor-director, or he takes responsibility and becomes a traditional filmmaker and a normal dad.

Shamelessly, he decides to stop everything and leaves his team in the lurch to shoot an improvised documentary on fatherhood. Camera in hand, he begins to ask his friends and relatives: how to be a good father? Between porn shootings, bottle-feeding and family discussions – a tragicomic week in the life of HPG.



  • Director: HPG
  • Year: 2014
  • Original title: Fils de
  • Lenght: 70
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Cast: Gwenaëlle Baïd, Enora, Léni, HPG, Sayana, 25cm, Thierry Lounas, Ludovic Berthillot, Karina Testa
  • Director of photography: Jonathan RICQUEBOURG
  • Editing: Léo LOCHMANN
  • Sound: Thomas FOUREL and Jules VALEUR
  • Director assistant: Léo RICHARD
  • Production assistant: Claire Bonnefoy
  • Production: Capricci Films and HPG Production
  • Producers: Thierry Lounas and HPG
  • Sales: Capricci Films
  • Format: HD
  • Screening format: DCP and Blu-Ray
  • Image: 1,85:1
  • Sound: 5.1