Capricci is a French independent arthouse company of production, distribution and sales. We represent high-end films from all around the world driven by talented filmmakers that consider cinema as an art. We value arthouse projects, with a strong personality, which innovate in terms of narrative, mise-en-scène and/or editing. From emerging directors to acclaimed filmmakers, we are faithful to our auteurs: Abel Ferrara, Albert Serra, Hong Sangsoo, Philippe Garrel, Bi Gan, Jean-Charles Hue, Wang Bing and many others.

     Capricci is a publishing company too: we have our own DVD/Blu-ray high-profile label and we publish about 15 to 20 books about cinema each year. We have collaborated with the finest film critics, academics, filmmakers, philosophers etc. such as Stanley Cavell, Jacques Rancière, Roger Corman, Pierre Rissient, Werner Herzog, Jia Zhang-ke, James Baldwin, Peter Bogdanovich, Slavoj Zizek…      Capricci has been Locarno IFF’s partner since 2011: each year, on the occasion of the retrospective dedicated to a great filmmaker set up by the Festival, Capricci publishes a collective book about the director’s work.

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