Pasolini, by Abel Ferrara (2014)

November 1975. In a lost and corrupted Italy, where fear of truth and passion reigns, Pier Paolo Pasolini who is finishing his masterpiece Salò, denounces and attacks ceaselessly his country’s politicians, writing furious articles, eventually putting his life on the line. In a dreamlike and visionnary film, a blend of reality and imagination, Abel Ferrara reconstructs the last day in the life of this great poet, with his frequent collaborator Willem Dafoe as Pier Paolo Pasolini.




  • Co-sold with Funny Balloons
  • Director: Abel Ferrara
  • Script: Maurizio Braucci
  • Based on an idea by Abel Ferrara and Nicola Tranquillino
  • Producers: Thierry Lounas, Conchita Airoldi, Joseph Rouschop.
  • Executive producers: Camille Chandellier, Costanza Coldagelli.
  • Line producer: Stefano Falivene
  • Editor: Fabio Nunziata
  • Production designer: Igor Gabriel
  • Costume designer: Rossano Marchi
  • Sound: Julien Momenceau, Sylvia Moraes, Thomas Gauder
  • Casting: Gabriella Giannatasio
  • Cast: Willem Dafoe, Ninetto Davoli, Riccardo Scarmacio, Valerio Mastandrea, Adriana Asti and Maria de Medeiros
  • Production: A Coproduction Capricci Urania Pictures Tarantula Dublin Films With Arte France Cinema / A Film Supported By Eurimages / Mibact / Canal+ / Arte France / Region Aquitaine And Region Des Pays De La Loire In Partnership With Cnc / Agence Ecla Aquitaine / Ecla Aquitaine Tournages / Wallonia / Wallimage / Italian Tax Credit / Tax Shelter Of Belgian Federal Government / Cinefinance Tax Shelter / Belgacom / Agnes B / World Sales Funny Balloons