Visiting Ours, by Rachida Brakni

Every month, women go to a prison on the outskirts of Paris to visit loved ones: sons, fathers, brothers, partners. In the middle of August, Fatima and her daughter Nora, Judith and Lola, Hourla, her friends and others wait uncomfortably in the sweltering summer heat. Shy or extrovert, accomplices or enemies, all must pass through the many stages that separate them from the visiting room. As they move from security check to security check, relationships are made and broken, tongues loosen, tensions mounts… until finally a riot erupts behind the bars.


Rachida Brakni

Rachida Brakni is a French theater actress and film director. After her theater studies at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris, she joigned the French National Company, Comédie Française. She started acting in films at the age of 20 with director André Téchiné. In 2002, she received the Cesar for Best Young Actress for her role in Chaos by Coline Serreau. The same year she received the Molière Award for her role in Ruy Blas played at the Comédie Française. Visiting Ours is her first long feature.




  • Visiting Ours
  • Original title: De Sas en Sas
  • Country: France
  • Director: Rachida Brakni
  • Script: Rachida Brakni, Raphaël Clairefond
  • Cast: Zita Hanrot (Nora), Samira Brahmia (Fatma), Judith Caen (Judith), Fabienne Babe (Marlène), Lorette-Sixtine Luginbühl (Lola), Souad Flissi (Houria), Meriem Serbah (Sonia), Salma Lahmer (Nawell), Jamila Lamouda (Farida), Katia Grimm (pregnant woman), Babacar Samb (M. Diakara), Simon Bourgade (Eric), Luc Antoni (Anthony) , Serge Biavan (guard), Sacha Bourdo (Jim)
  • Production: Capricci Production
  • Producer: Thierry Lounas
  • Executive producer: Claire Bonnefoy
  • Location manager: Emilie Paris
  • Director assistant: Violette Lescoat
  • Set: Daniel Bevan
  • Cinematography: Katell Djian, Nicolas Duchêne
  • Sound: David Rit
  • Costumes: Nina Avramovic
  • Make-up: Cécile Pellerin
  • Editing: Yorgos Lamprinos
  • Sound editing: Séverine Ratier
  • Mix: Julien Perez
  • Color grading: Gadiel Bendelac
  • With the support of: CNC (Avance sur recettes – Aide à la diversité), Aide à l’écriture Région Aquitaine (Agence ECLA Aquitaine), Région Ile de France, PROCIREP, Agence nationale pour la Cohésion Sociale et l’Egalité des chances (ACSE)
  • International sales: Wild Bunch
  • Festivals: Capricci Films